Urbit Groups app Tutorial for beginners

Groups is one of the most popular Urbit applications. It has online discussion spaces where users can communicate with each other in real-time, like a well-organized forum.

Each group is a content and chat channel that users can freely join and leave.

Groups are organized hierarchically. There are root groups, which are the most important and accessible to all users, and child groups (sublevels), which are specific groups branching off from the root groups. Each group is identified by an ID, a unique code, originating from the group’s creator (for example, “~halbex-palheb”).

1. Opening the Groups app

The initial panel for those accessing Urbit for the first time comes with some pre-installed apps, and one of them is Groups.

groups app

If the application is not installed, you can search for ~sogryp-dister-dozzod-dozzod/groups.

2. Joining a group

You can join an existing group or create a new one (see step 6).

join a group

As an example, let’s join the suggested “Urbit Foundation” group to start. To do this, simply click on “Join” next to the group’s name.

If the group does not appear on your panel, you can search for it by typing its full address in the search bar. In this case: ~halbex-palheb/uf-public.

searching a group

When you click on “Join”, a screen like the one below will appear, displaying content publications related to Office Hours.

joining a group

3. “Subscribing” to content

To access other content, click on “All Channels” in the left-hand menu, and all options will appear: Office Hours, Ecosystem, Infrastructure, Announcements, Job Board, and Available Talent.

To join them and stay informed about the subjects discussed in each area, simply click on “Join” next to the chosen ones, and if you want to leave the groups, click on “Leave”.

subscribing group channel

4. Interacting with the group

Articles are in descending order, with the most recent at the top of the page. Right below the article title, you can interact with it by commenting*.

For more interaction options, click on the symbol of three vertical dots, to share (Share Note), copy the link (Copy Note Link), mark as read (Mark Read), or disable notifications (Mute).

interacting with channel

In the Office Hours, Job Board, and Available Talent channels, you are also enabled to publish content of your own. To do this, click the “Add Note” button at the top of the page.

publishing content

*It is worth noting that only articles created by users, i.e., unofficial Urbit team articles, can receive comments. To comment, click on the corresponding icon and write your message in the “Add a comment” field and click on “Post” to add it to the article.

comment content

5. Using the chat

By clicking on the chat option (General) in the left-hand menu, you will see messages from people who are talking in this group. Messages appear in ascending order, with the most recent at the bottom of the page.

As a member of the group, you can send messages and interact as well. For each message, you can react, reply, create a parallel discussion, or copy the message.

group chat

Reactions are with emojis, like the WhatsApp feature.

reactions group message

To follow a discussion, click on the corresponding icon, and the message and its response(s) will appear on the right side of the page.

discussion group message

6. Creating a group

Any user can create a new group, set its settings, manage its member list, and moderate the discussion. Users can also send private messages to each other and create private groups that are accessible by invitation only.

To create a group, click on “Create Group” in the left-hand menu on the Groups app’s home screen and follow the instructions, filling in the requested fields.

creating a group

7. Leap

The leap function can be used as a shortcut menu for the application’s features or to go to another application installed in your landscape.


In addition to the application’s features, note that there is also a shortcut to the Talk application, which is necessary for exchanging messages in groups.

In the “Apps” option, you will see a type of pop-up with thumbnails of all your installed applications, allowing you to access them without having to leave the current application, as they will open in a new window.

leap apps

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