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Simplifying Urbit – a Complete Guide

Urbit is a completely new concept and has many technical elements. This site will help you understand everything about Urbit in a simple and easy way.

What is Urbit?

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Urbit is an open source internet sharing platform where each individual has complete control over their data and owns an identity. There are a limited and scarce number of identities: about 4 billion. Another feature is that applications on Urbit easily communicate with one another.

In practice, while the traditional Internet is running on client-server architecture, on Urbit every user is a server. In other words, instead of accessing the Internet as a mere client while all your data is stored in enterprises, in Urbit your data is stored locally.

How does the Urbit operating system (Arvo) work?

Arvo is a modular and simple operating system created to enable a new peer-to-peer internet. In this internet, users have full control of their data without having to rely on a third party. It is the centerpiece of the Urbit protocol.

What are Stars in Urbit?

The basic architecture of the network is composed of planets, stars and galaxies. Stars and galaxies facilitate discovery and communication between two entities. Stars are much scarcer than planets, there are only 65000 in total. Each star can spawn 65535 planets.

How to use Urbit for free?

There are two common ways to use Urbit: as a planet or as a comet. There are a limited number of planets, which makes them valuable. Comets, on the other hand, are free. Fortunately, you don’t have to incur any of these costs if you just want to explore Urbit for the first time.

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Urbit Applications: a P2P internet working in practice

Discover some applications and start exploring the Urbit ecosystem now. New applications are being launched on Urbit every day.

A new paradigm is forming. Now it is possible to have control over your data and interact with other people in a decentralized way on the internet.

What Bitcoin did to money, Urbit is doing to the internet.

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Hoon language: your gateway to develop on Urbit

Learn about the features of the Hoon programming language and see how you can start creating projects.

Hoon is a functional, elegant, and minimalist programming language, designed specifically for the Urbit environment.

With a unique and innovative syntax, Hoon allows you to develop efficient and creative solutions.

By learning Hoon and diving into the Urbit universe, you will be at the forefront of software development and become part of a global community of enthusiasts, pioneers, and innovators.

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Sigils: The Urbit Avatars

Urbit sigils are special symbols or pictures that are used to represent people’s names in the Urbit ecosystem.

It’s kind of like having a unique profile avatar or a fun character when you join a social network or game.

Each sigil looks different, and they can be made of cool shapes. This makes it easy for people to recognize who you are and find you in the Urbit world.